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She’s #swervin more than I am 😂 I love my #whorechata (at The Milk Bar)
Actually, this is wayyyyy better. Dinner with fam.
Literally the whole THG fandom right now: SHUT UP, GALE!
me: what are taxes and how do I pay them?
school system: worry not
school system: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
the 2 types of parents when it comes to letting kids stay home from school
parent 1 : oh you don't want to go to school today? aww it's ok honey you can stay at home if you want :)
parent 2 : unless u got blood coming out of ur ears u goin 2 school


Let’s be nothing… I heard it lasts forever.

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"Isn’t it fucking terrifying that no matter how many promises they made, no matter how long you’ve been together, someone can get up and walk out of your life without a second thought and you have to carry on living because the world doesn’t stop for any of us"
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